The Petrivsky educational institution together with the Last Bell celebrated the opening of a playground

Childhood is a happy page of our life, when all the colors are bright, and the fairy tale can be touched with your hand.

   On the eve of Children's Day, May 31, Petrovsky ZZSO hosted a double celebration - the Last Bell and the grand opening of the playground, which was attended by honored guests - representatives of the SSAH and Limited Liability Company NVF "Dryada", namely: Director - Thomson Peter Mitchell, managing production department - Kulakovsky Ivan Viktorovich, and also the head of the village - Salgalov Konstantin Alexandrovich.

Thomson Peter Mitchell greeted those present at the beginning of the summer holidays. He wished the children a good rest, gain strength, and then, in the fall, to continue the educational process. Salgalov Konstantin Alexandrovich thanked the activists, sponsors who contributed to the opening of the site, congratulated the children on the end of the school year. Lyubov Vereshchaga, the director of the institution, addressed everyone with words of gratitude: “Children are our future. And I thank everyone who joined in this good cause, because caring for children is the most important thing. ”

Not without a holiday concert that day. The joyful mood on the new platform was created by young talented artists of the village BC, led by its director Shevchuk Nelya Ivanovna.

   Genuine joy was in the eyes of every child, as their schoolyard finally had its own play area.

   The grand opening ended with another surprise: the guests treated everyone to sweets. The playground for the institution is not only a joy for the little ones, but also a joy for parents and teachers.

   Everyone who joined the creation of this platform, who was present at the celebration, understood that joy in the eyes of children is really something worth living and working for.