About Us
Swiss Sustainable Agricultural Holding
"SSAH Group"

SSAH is a holding company engaged in agricultural production on the land resources of the Southern region of Ukraine. The main spheres of our activity are plant growing and seed growing: cultivation of oil and grain crops - sunflower, wheat, rapeseed, etc. Also, our company offers services in the field of logistics, deals with the purchase and sale of seeds, matching and processing of grain at the elevators.

Swiss Sustainable Agricultural Holding is a team of experienced specialists. Every year we attract new resources, generate ideas and implement innovative developments for growing of agricultural business in Ukraine. SSAH products meet high standards and are suitable for domestic and foreign markets. We grow our crops from the best quality seeds available, using the latest proven technologies in collaboration with our internationally experienced agricultural colleagues.

• SSAH transforms solar energy into food products and renewable energy
• To develop sustainable, quality agrobusiness in Ukraine and conserve natural resources for future generations
• To cultivate maximum trust in the Company
 First Ukrainian sustainable agro-energy company
Sustainable business, built for long service, which in 100 years will provide more than 10% of world food needs, having the lowest unit production cost.
In 100 years  - an energy company which transforms solar energy into food and renewable energy on Earth and beyond
To be in the Top-10 efficient agribusinesses in Ukraine’s Latifundist list by 2026, with land bank of over 50,000 ha. The Company has:
1.Modern agricultural production with proven operational effectiveness of food, feed and energy production
2. Digital platform «Farming in phone» – a modern innovation service that tightly cooperates with local farmers and provides the full scope of logistical and financial services
• Sustainability
• Human capital development
Creating well-paid jobs

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Using Solar Energy

We aim to optimize electricity and heat consumption for efficient use of energy resources. This can be achieved by generating and utilizing thermal energy ourselves. That's why SSAH plans to install solar panels and generate solar power for our own plant. Electricity generated by solar photo modules is absolutely safe for the environment.