SSAH aims first and foremost to live up to its name - to be a truly sustainable agribusiness.

Sustainability in agribusiness has three foundations, and the first is People.

People - land owners, suppliers, customers and employees

SSAH Swiss Agroholding has relationships with hundreds of people, many of whom live in remote and often disadvantaged communities with infrastructure problems - water and energy supplies, roads, schools, medical facilities, and these are basic needs.

In addition to being 100% compliant as a taxpayer, the SSAH group is, to the extent possible, registered in the communities where they operate. This ensures that the taxes our companies pay go directly to the local budget. In addition, recognizing our responsibility as a member of the community and in accordance with the policies of our shareholders, the group:

  • engages in dialogue with stakeholders;
  • conducts meetings with landowners;
  • maintains relationships with local authorities;
  • promotes open communication with and among employees.

In April 2021, the group opened a toll-free hotline to allow another direct channel of communication with management. Calls are logged and analyzed weekly.

Long-term sustainability is only possible if the business is economically sustainable.

Modern mechanized farming is a potentially dangerous occupation. In early 2021, the group appointed two specialized professionals responsible for health and safety regulations throughout the group.

  • SSAH's new management took control of the group in November 2020, and since then all aspects of the business have been revised to achieve a better balance between commercial, environmental and social needs.
  • In May 2021, the company completed a production policy that regulates all aspects of the business.
  • Also, since May 2021, the group has initiated training programs for management, the central objective of which is to involve all levels of management in the creation and development of the group's vision, mission and strategy aimed at "Quality Growth".

Sustainability and responsibility will be at the core of SSAH's operations. We are developing a new information platform that will encompass all aspects of crop production and logistics to ensure product traceability, easily accessible compliance checks for auditors, investors and certification bodies.

The third, but no less important component to the long-term prosperity of businesses, the environment and communities, is Land.

Our primary objective is to preserve and improve agricultural land, while at the same time having a positive impact on the environment. SSAH Agricultural holding Operating and Development

  • Principles: Preservation of agronomic and agricultural knowledge to maintain healthy economic dynamics in agricultural regions of Ukraine.
  • Increasing and stabilizing crop yields.
  • Reducing the use of pesticides.
  • Preservation of the environment.
  • Strict quality control of products.
  • Promotion of regional biodiversity.

We are not just engaged in the production of high-quality agricultural products, but also pay attention to the conservation of land resources of our country.